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Blaze Laserlight™. The bike light that’s changing the rules of the road.

The Laserlight™ makes your presence known, alerts drivers to your approach and lets you be seen when you’d be otherwise invisible.

Make your presence known on the road

Other bike lights simply shine a light in front of you. The Blaze Laserlight does this brilliantly, and it also projects your bike image 6 metres ahead, giving you a larger footprint on the road. Don’t just take our word for it.

My Laserlight definitely saved me from a serious accident earlier this year, the big 4wd stopped just 6 inches short of me, totally unsighted except for seeing my laser. It is worth every penny! David Wynter, London, UK

I use the Blaze laserlight because it substantially increases my ‘size’ on the road. Cars have no choice but to notice me. And they do. It makes me feel more confident about my safety- plus it looks great! Jeremy Francis, Trinidad

79% of cycling incidents happen when drivers manoeuvre into the rider’s path.

The Laserlight™ tackles this and many other common situations:

Safe. Smart. Solid.

The Blaze Laserlight™ is assembled from 109 components with the precision you’d expect from a smartphone, not a bike light. It’s made from aircraft aluminium and sandblasted with diamond cut edges. It’s USB rechargeable, waterproof to the depth of one metre and fits 99% of handlebars.

“A life saver for cyclists”

“A beautifully designed front light, with winning looks, and transferring it from its packaging to your bike is really straightforward”

“The party piece is the laser projection, visible in a range of wet or dry conditions so even when there’s ambient light from street lights or the sun is going down, the image of the bike is obvious, searingly so when the sun has set.”

Make your journey safer by having a bigger, brighter presence on the road.

Get yours now for £125, with free delivery to anywhere in the World.


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