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What makes the Blaze Laserlight so special?

It’s the safest light on the road

  • The Blaze Laserlight projects a bike symbol 6 metres in front of you. It gives you a larger footprint on the road, alerts drivers to your approach and lets you be seen in situations where you are otherwise invisible.
  • It has all angles covered. Unlike the beams of standard bike lights, your Laserlight’s laser projection is visible from various perspectives.
  • The light and laser work independently. With or without the laser, you have a 300 lumen quality LED light to illuminate the road.

It’s built to last

The Laserlight is waterproof, not just water resistant. Tested to IPX7 (i.e. it spent an hour submerged beneath a metre of water). The bracket is made of marine-grade steel, so it will never rust.

Sandblasted and diamond cut for a quality finish. The Blaze Laserlight is made in partnership with PCH International, the manufacturing company that also makes products for Apple.

All the features you need, and more

  • Direct-diode green laser built to withstand vibrations. It’s also retina safe even if it accidentally catches the eye. Choose between flashing or constant modes.
  • Magnetic charge pins make it quick and easy to charge. The pins double as battery level indicators which allows the bike light to be fully sealed and waterproof.
  • Switch between 100lm flashing, 100lm solid and 300lm solid.
    City cycling, darker streets and country lanes all covered.

Make your journey safer by having a bigger, brighter presence on the road.

Get yours now for £125, with free delivery to anywhere in the World.

Technical Specs

Want to know about the lumens, charging, bracket?

Laser Perfection:

  • Choose between flashing or constant modes.
  • Direct-diode green laser. The rarest and best of the laser world.
  • Built to withstand vibrations and heat fluctuations that bikes are susceptible to. DPSS lasers won’t cut it.
  • It’s eye-safe. The beam is fully tested and certified so it’s not harmful even if it catches the eye.
  • Works with patented smart bracket so the laser can never switch on accidentally when away from your bicycle.

A Quality Bike Light:

  • Operate the LED light and laser independently; pick the best combination depending on your ride.
  • Switch between 100lm flashing, 100lm solid and 300lm solid. City cycling, darker streets and country lanes all covered.
  • An aircraft-grade machined aluminium casing with diamond cut edges and an etched, silver nickel control panel.
  • Full aluminum internal chassis for easy cooling and robustness.
  • Waterproof, not just water resistant. Tested below 1m of water.

Reliable Battery and Charger:

  • 13 hours of life in one charge of our li-ion cell.
  • USB cable lets you charge wherever you are in the world.
  • Coloured lights show the battery level.
  • Energy-saving mode gives four hours of extra runtime when nearly depleted.

Easy Mounting:

  • The bracket fits handlebar diameters from 24mm up to 32mm.
  • Easy to install. Takes two minutes with the Allen key provided.
  • Made of weather-resistant marine-grade steel.
  • One-hand release mechanism.
  • The smart bracket ensures the laser can’t turn on when away from your bicycle.

In the box: